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5 Easy Spring Cleaning Projects

5 Easy Spring Cleaning Projects

Spring is in the air...

We're just days into March and I can already feel spring in the air. With the change of season also comes the change of our surroundings. Colors in our home get brighter, clothes and bedding get traded for lighter and cooler materials, and a feeling of wanting to remove things that weigh us down are common too. 

If you're like me, then you like to do a little spring sprucing and cleanising, while keeping it simple.

Read on for some easy ways to lighten up for Spring. 

1. Clean and organize your junk drawer - Coupons from last year? Unopened mail? loose screws, pens?...Pick up some clear organizers and throw away the junk that makes that drawer junky. 

2. Wipe down your microwave and stove - You know that spot that you think about cleaning every time you slam the microwave door shut? Go ahead and dedicate 5 mins to wiping it clean. Vinegar, water and a spray bottle will do the trick.

3. Declutter your Pantry - Does your pantry look like a 5 car pile-up? Get rid of stale and junky food and organize your items so that they're easy to find.

4. Clean and organize your fridge - Spilled, sticky stains that leave sticky residue on everything? Clear and clean shelf by shelf to feel less overwhelmed. Hot water and a rag are my go to's for this. 

5. Clean your closet - Clean laundry piled on your chair or on closet shelves? Grab some hangers and organize your closet. Put away heavy sweaters and take inventory of your spring/summer wardrobe. Anything you want to get rid of? Go for it! 

You'll feel so good after you do a little Spring sprucing. I usually put this stuff off, but once I commit to one task I realize it's wasn't so big and time consuming after all.

Bonus, get your partner or a friend to help you and you'll be finished in no time. Then you can light a candle, relax and enjoy your masterpiece. 

What's something you like to clean or declutter for Spring? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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